Gold Plan


Beautiful EPUB-based interactive ebooks that run across all devices and platforms.

  • Conversion + Animation
  • Fixed Layout
  • EPUB 3 & MOBI
  • 45 Pages
Category: ebook creation


Convert and animate illustrated English books provided in PDF format, into fixed-layout EPUB 3 format that would run on readers in web, mobile, web-friendly application, as well as kindle (MOBI) format.

Requirements: PDF files for the book.


  1. EPUB files, MOBI (Kindle) files, Web App folders, along with instructions on how to upload to a website.
  2. There will be at least 1 animation on each page.

Please note:

  • Animations might be limited by flat images.
  • In the case of Kindle, all interactivity will be stripped out since it does not support interactivity.